So you’re probably wondering where the Jar Head title comes from? I spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps, and although the name Jar Head is considered derogatory, it’s a proud name I’ll wear since so few are Marines. Now, I have nothing against the other services because each one plays a vital role in our countries protection, but I have to say there is a certain respect that is earned when you join the ranks of a Marine. I have never been what you would call a fitness but, but I have always (well, mostly) tried to make better choices about my health and fitness. I do fail at it sometimes, but for me the key to success is to keep moving. You have to play the long game.

I started my twisted journey when I started playing sports in high school. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a great athlete, but I did give it my best. Once (actually signed up during my senior year after I turned 17) I graduate high school I joined the Marines. Because I joined at the ripe age of 17 my mother wouldn’t sign for me to go active duty. As a result I took the reserve path and decided to go to college. I knew I wanted to go at some point, but this pushed me to go ahead right after high school. Obviously, joining the Marines can produce significant fitness gains and weight loss. My low weight was somewhere around 180 and I stared to see a six pack for he first time ever.